Thursday, 20 January 2022

The Indonesian economy is undergoing one of the biggest changes that people from all of the world constantly interact with each other to do International Trade, making knowledge of Intellectual Property Right is critical and sound legal counsel is vital to this country’s continued position as a global player.

As registered IP Attorney, our dedication and professionalism to serving the legal need is imperative to the IP protections. Indonesia adopted the principal of first to file. Thus, the first registrar possessed the exclusive right of the IP. The protection of IP rights is a conditio sine qua non to create legal certainty and to maintain international trade and industrial relation.

Indonesia is in the midst of an economic groundswell that will change the workplace. We realized that IP protection becomes relevant issue due to lack of ability to recognize and to protect such a valuable property. As a result, high number of piracy, counterfeiting and infringement occurred everywhere in the market place. We have the experience and earned a solid reputation for providing the highest quality in the area of Intellectual Property Rights.

The LHP will demand much of its staffs and IP Attorney rigorous attention to detail. Armed with extensive experiences as well as strong knowledge in IP practices, we are highly qualified to serve you IP matters. We handle patent cases such as filling, prosecution, grant, and the maintenance of granted patents as well as IP litigation. We also handle registration of marks, copyrights and industrial designs. Our service of IP practices include

  1. Patent – Patent Search, Patent Application, Request for substantive examination, Withdrawal or Abandonment, Record of changes and Annuity payment.
  2. Trademarks – Trademark Search, Trademark Application, Renewals, Opposition, Licensing, Record of Changes.
  3. Industrial Design – Industrial Design Search, Industrial Design Application, Licensing, Record of Changes.
  4. Copyright – Copyright Search, Copyright Application, Licensing, Record of Changes.
  5. Trade Secret f. Layout Design of Integrated Circuit g. Licensing
  6. Franchising
  7. Arbitration
  8. IP Litigation