Thursday, 20 January 2022

Our mergers and acquisitions practice encompasses essentially every form of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions involving buy and sales of assets, buy and sales of securities, and change of control events such as tender offers and proxy contests. Transactions are both domestic and cross-border.

LHP represents buyers, sellers, lenders and financial advisors. The strength in our merger and acquisition practice is the ability to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to these transactions by covering mining, energy, corporate, intellectual property, labor and financing expertise, not only at the due diligence stage, but also the agreement and closing stages of these transactions. We offer specialized expertise in regulated industries such as mining, energy and Healthcare only serves to expedite these transactions. In Mining; however, we have been involved in the acquisitions of several coal mining companies.

LHP offers a range of services which result in a comprehensive and compelling reason for clients to use us in M&A and divestment situations, such as:

  1. Strategy Review Improve and realize shareholder value by evaluating, selecting and implementing best course of action that may include divestment of non-core assets and businesses, mergers and acquisitions or public listing.
  2. Financial Advisory LHP does not generally take on a principal advisor role for either buy-side or sell-side. Instead, we offer independent advice which can be relied upon as we do not have a vested stake in the outcome. This embodies our concept of transaction support, assisting clients to complete deals by lending our skills to their own and ensuring that deals get done, quickly, efficiently and that value is created in the process, not eroded.
  3. Intellectual Capital Audits LHP’s intellectual capital assessments highlight hidden potential in acquisition targets. Companies which can be shown to possess superior intellectual capital will generally enjoy much higher long term growth than their peers. An IC audit may be done by a vendor to showcase the true value of the business or by a buyer as a means of understanding the nature of the target.
  4. Due Diligence Services By combining the skills of our legal team, financial analysts, engineers and surveyors, LHP provides a range of due diligence services to assist both buyers and sellers in a transaction. We are focus on more forward-looking aspects of the business through business, commercial, operational and technical and legal due diligence. Such services are tailored to the specific circumstances of each transaction and the parties involved, e.g. an industry player would already have detailed industry knowledge and may not need assistance in this area, while a passive investor may be need more help in this area.
  5. Industry Research Our research teams are often called upon to prepare a snapshot of the industry in which a company operates in order to frame a potential transaction. This may extend to multiple market sectors and geographical areas or may be focused on a single sector or locale.f. Documentation & Modeling
  6. We work with vendors to prepare financial forecasts and models, often combining this with our other services to culminate in the preparation of an information memorandum or private offer document.
  7. Fairness & Independent Expert Opinions Our financial valuation team is often called upon to commence evaluations of the fairness of a transaction from the financial point of view and outline our findings either in internal reports or in reports to minority shareholders.