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LHP has grown into a prominent corporate law firm in Indonesia that provides comprehensive services to clients. We understand that simply knowing the law isn’t sufficient; we strive to notice a client’s business, industry, and goals. LHP is one of the leading law firms in Jakarta and has served many clients by providing the highest quality legal services and offering broad experiences in the areas of legal practice includes:

LHP services to a wide range of clients in banks, finance providers, export credit agencies, corporate, and other participants in the global banking and finance arena. We advise thoroughly on banking and finance matters, acting for all parties, from multinational lenders to growth corporations. We also bring experience of the full range of debt and equity transactions in the global capital markets, including standalone debt issuances; Sukuk; Securitizations; convertible, exchangeable, taxable and tax-exempt bonds; and MTN

LHP adheres to strict ethical principles when representing clients before Indonesian courts and arbitration panels. Our litigators regularly represent clients as plaintiffs or defendants before Indonesian courts, and assist clients with settling disputes and with formulating litigation strategies. We have represented on numerous Indonesian and foreign corporation and individuals for Civil, Criminal and Commercial Litigation in a variety of corporate and commercial transactions. Admissions:

  1. Indonesian Bar Association (Peradi)
  2. Regional Court, High Court throughout the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Commercial Court throughout the Republic of Indonesia
  4. Supreme Court
  5. Registered in Indonesian Patent and Trademarks Office
  6. Kurator — Trustee; Receivers and Administrators
  7. Registered Legal Consultant for Capital Markets
  8. Alternative Dispute Resolution — Certified Mediator

If the debtor defaults then the Creditor as the holder of the mortgage lender has the right to sell the mortgage object through a public auction and take the payment of claims from the proceeds.

We assist clients to execute the mortgage through the auction of execution and real execution which the court order to enforce an execution decision when a debtor has refused to comply with the order voluntarily.

We have earned a solid reputation for providing the highest professional legal services and offers extensive experience to potential foreign investments. The company has broad of experience and knowledge enables us to create high value for clients and business partners. Our strategic planning to implement high values based on trust and openness professional by collaboration with principal producers in Indonesia to gain strategic position as legal counsel for Coal and Minerals company. We also represent companies involved in Coal supply contract for independent power plants and cement plants in the South East Asia regiom Through its persistent and on-going efforts, the LHP has been represented foreign clients on various legal issues on International Trade and foreign investments in Indonesia for such as business operation, compliance with prevailing rules and regulations as well as litigatiom

LHP offers extensive experience in the area of Project Finance. We have the ability to combine the local knowledge and on-the-ground experience of professionals with the specialized expertise of international project financial and technical management. We act as counsel to developers and lenders In all types of infrastructure development projects, including multi-million dollar private power plant, toll road: telecommunications and water supply projects, as well as natural gas pipeline and mining projects. We have the expertise and well managed by people who have the experiences as an independent body to evaluate, overseas project financial management and project technical management as Principal Lead Consultant Our strategic planning is to implement a high value innovation by collaboration with reputable asset managers and strategic partners from Asia, in particular Export Credit Banks and Bankers. LHP has the knowledge, strength and capability to evaluate viable prorcts, recommend and approve funding, financial and advisory services to major clients who has viable project for long term investment. Area of specialization includes Infra-Structural Projects such as Power Plant, Toll Roads, Coal Mine, and Construction work on Industrial parks, Harbor, Waterfront Facilities and Hospitality Projects tor Hotels, Resorts, Villas and Service Apartments

We specialize in all areas of family law, and provide advice on divorces, custody disputes, tracking of assets, division of matrimonial assets, heir and other family legal matters. With discretion and dedication, our team is able to provide the best support and service when our clients need it most. Our team will work with you to find practical and effective solutions for different family issues. We strive to achieve the settlement that works for you and your family in a manner that keeps the emotional and financial costs to a minimum Our Services:

  1. Divorce and Separation
  2. Disputes relating to custody
  3. Disputes over assets
  4. Heir

We have advised banks and borrowers on corporate debt restructuring, preparing and negotiating restructuring agreements and related documents, and advising on bankruptcy matters. We have extensive experiences in bankruptcy proceeding where the scope and depth of our legal practice enable us to commence the process of debt recovery with successfully to recover the rights of clients. As a trustee (Receivers and Administrators), LHP has duty to review your bankruptcy petition and verify the information and calculations using your financial documents and other independent sources. When you file bankruptcy you file a petition and other papers with the court disclosing your personal and financial information. Your bankruptcy papers include information about your debts, your property, your income, and the state of your financial affairs. Entering into bankruptcy does not eliminate a debt The debt recovery however, ceases to be due and payable for the duration of the bankruptcy. If there is a bankruptcy notice in place, the lawyer may take bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor by filing a creditor’s Petition in the Commercial Court. This debt recovery should only be taken if, to repay the debt, the debtor has property or access to funds that can be used.

LHP nas served many Indonesian and multinational coal and general mining companies operating in Indonesia and assist them in all aspects ot the exploration and exploitation ot their mining areas, L_HP project experience extends trom structuring and due diligence to drafting and negotiating documentation and licensing, such as:

  1. Advising on obtaining mining rights under contracts of work and llJPs as well as permitting, licensing and environmental matters;
  2. Structuring, including tax structunng analysis and advice as well as assistance In establishing mining service companies;
  3. Preparing legal consultants’ reports required for stock exchange listings of mining concerns and public offerings of their stock;
  4. Negotiating and drafting bankable off-take agreements and supply agreement including supply contracts involving coal-fired power plant operators and other supply chain participants;
  5. Preparing financing agreements for mine development and construction and related Indonesian security interest; and
  6. Advising on the acquisition on land and surface rights and compliance with forestry regulations We handle all corporate environmental, labor, mining rights, tax, contract negotiation and dispute resolution matters for our mining, energy and other natural resources clients, as well as representing lenders in mine financing projects We nave bng experience representing International and Indonesian clients in the mining sector, among others.

Our mergers and acquisitions practice encompasses essentially every form of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions involving buy and sales of assets, buy and sales of securities, and change of control events such as tender offers and proxy contests. Transactions are both domestic and cross-border. LHP represents buyers, sellers, lenders and financial advisors. The strength in our merger and acquisition practice is the ability to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to these transactions by covering mining, energy, corporate, intellectual property, labor and financing expertise, not only at the due diligence stage, but also the agreement and closing stages of these transactions. We offer specialized expertise in regulated industries such as mining, energy and Healthcare only serves to expedite these transactions. In Mining; however, we have been involved in the acquisitions of several coal mining companies.

LHP’s Employment and Labor Law Practice advises companies and individuals on all aspects of Indonesian employment law. In particular, this practice is experienced in handling disputes relating to employment contracts, wrongful dismissal, breaches of confidentiality, noncompetition, non-solicitation and restraint of trade clauses and clams for interim injunctions and other remedies. Our capabilities in this area extend to all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration and mediation. The practice is able to assist clients in drafting and advising on employment contracts and severance agreements/clauses We also advise on termination of employment, retrenchment exercises; and transfer of employment as well as matters involving trade unions, industrial relations and industrial disputes.

LHP has earned a solid reputation for providing the highest quality legal services in the area of capital market transactions. We have handled many equity capital market matters involving IPO, right issues, warrants issuances and strategic sales. We act as legal consultants to render service in IPO in subsequence to the issuance of new shares, old shares, red shoe shares and green shoe shares. LHP has successfully served to its niche-market in Indonesian equity capital markets We have our eyes focused on the future to foresee the demand on Issuance of fixedincome capital market The Indonesian capital market undergoing changes to more diversify in investment instruments. Our dedication to serving the legal needs it’s our supreme commitment, We are able to assemble teams which the specialized expertise to involved in fixed income instruments for the issuance of a dual-currency publicly listed bond.

We offer specialized services and advices to individuals and foreign companies want to starting new business and to invest in Indonesia includes:

  1. Individuals and foreign companies looking for a new sponsor or wants to setup new business in Indonesia.
  2. Investment opportunity and business set-up and advisory services for our clients; Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and provide a comprehensive legal services for Approval of FDI and Incorporation of Private Limited Company (PT) for foreign company.
  3. We provide research and legal consulting related to the Direct Investment matters, variety information concerning local business environment and all relevant permits and licenses, track current market issues, and among other related business matters.

The group has the strength of highly experience staffs in which strategically Collaboration in associations with firm in Hong Kong has also brought a significant expansion in the company’s business. This close alliance with our partners resulted in a high level of standard and placed the LHP as an International Law Firm.